The experiential music of City of the Sun is the sound you didn’t know you were missing. NYC’s powerhouse trio flip the perception of instrumental music, attracting a whole new generation to the genre.

The New York City trio does what they do best – use their insane musicianship to create evocative instrumental tracks that don’t need lyrics to speak to the listener.Alexa Shouneyia, Billboard |
We don’t get much instrumental rock these days… Yeah, lyrics can make it easier to convey mood/meaning, but if you can do that with just a sonic landscape, you’re a true master of your art. And City of the Sun are shaping up to be master artisans.Baebel Music
…the all-instrumental band formed by guitarists Avi Snow and John Pita and percussionist Zach Para, achieved success by reverting to the “old fashioned” way of presenting music (lots of touring, lots of busking)—albeit with a side of social media.Gotham Magazine
New York trio City of the Sun are built around breaking conventions … Their expanding soundscapes include more space for complex, ornate compositions that not only astound but affect.Bryan Kress, Billboard |
It seemed as though the aggressive guitar work skated right atop post-rock chord progressions that were held down by a cajon and tambourine. The New York City band’s modern flamenco influence begged comparisons to Rodrigo Y Gabriela, showing the crowd that headbanging acoustic music exists.JamBase
Oozing exotic charm, City of the Sun is a NYC trio that plays passionate, instrumental, acoustic music that marries caliente Flamenco with brainy post rock – and, just FYI, the former has the upper hand.Paolo De Gregorio, The Deli Magazine
The band recently released a beautiful new record titled To The Sun And All The Cities In Between. It’s a collection of songs that spin the globe in a way only City of The Sun can, reflecting on the cultures of South America, Spain, North Africa, The Middle East, and more as it cycles through. In session “Dance of the Dead”, “Those Days Are Now”, and “You and I…and New York” are hypnotic and dramatic, shifting dynamics and textures as the band charges through an impassioned performance.Baeble Music |
So, as a band, the music COS creates is a guide to help light your own way, encourage your own interpretation and feel your own feelings – to a fantastic playlist. The soundscape that COS offers, Pink Floydesque at times, is so vast that we can all exist together within its flexible boundaries and remain, uniquely ourselves. Even the meaning of their name, City of the Sun, is up for our own personal definition.Skip to This |